Facebook Groups vs Facebook Pages

Among the hottest new media and marketing trends at the moment are Facebook Groups and Pages, although there are still a lot of people confused between the two. Both have advantages in social media promotion—but both have different uses that will work for different purposes. What exactly is the difference between Facebook Groups and Pages?

Facebook Groups are for individuals who want to form a group to “connect, share, and even collaborate on a given topic or idea.” Often, individuals belonging in the same Facebook Group will have communal access to a single page. They will be able to add and delete members, upload photos and files, and talk to each other. Facebook Groups are conducive to discussions, and not many products or causes can make these Groups work for them. This is because they will have to relinquish much of the control over the page—and if there is something quite threatening about social networking sites, it is the tendency of the medium to get out of control.

Facebook Pages, on the other hand, function more like fan pages for public entities to “broadcast information to their fans.” This kind of application is the most useful for people and organizations to establish their official Facebook presence. Facebook Pages also allow their users to have more control over the look and content of the webpage, so it is a better choice for those who just wish to disseminate information about a certain celebrity or a brand.

Creating and establishing your own presence on Facebook will be a lot easier if you understand the uses and purposes of Groups and Pages. Just remember this simple difference between the two: Groups, discussion and communal control; Pages, information and total control over content. Good luck on your social networking superstardom!