Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the process of making a website “naturally” rank higher in the organic (non-paid) results of search engines. The most common way for users to find websites online is through search engines such as Google, Yahoo and NineMSN.

By using the RYPE Media Local SEO service, your website will have a strong ranking in all the major search engines, enabling your customers to find you easily on the internet. We aim to make your website more visible in the major search engines natural (organic) search results for your desired keywords/phrases.

We produce all websites to a level of quality that is considered to be the first stage of optimisation. This allows your website to be found for relevant search terms such as your company name. In addition to this, we offer an additional SEO service for targeting specific keywords/phrases that are highly competitive for your industry (for example, designer jeans or building companies melbourne).

The complex algorithms behind search engines are updated frequently to keep up with new ways people are using them. Recent trends in search include:

  • Local Search - People are now starting to search for products & services on a more localised level. Instead of searching on a general level, e.g. “building companies, melbourne”, people are now becoming more narrow in there searches, e.g. “building companies, caulfield”.

  • Mobile Search - Availability of mobile phone browsing technology is now broadening, and the opportunities for businesses to be found in local search results is significant. Now is the time for companies to respond to this trend in behaviour.

Let the team at RYPE Media ensure your SEO needs are effectively met.

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